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Prep Questions for the CIA Exam 

IIA Sample Questions 

"Official" sample questions: The CIA Model Exam Question Manual based on the pre-21ß3 CIA exam contains 4 x 100 questions and is still available from the IIA bookstore. The questions are comparable to but less sophisticated than actual exam questions.

Further Question Sets 

Question sets and learning tools are available from a variety of sources. Exam prep question databases and quizes can be downloaded or ordered from Wiley (updated in 2013, order for example from Amazon UK (discounts available), DE), Gleim, The IIA, PRC, and other sources. The exam prep tools usually come with helpful features supporting learning, rehearsal and exam-like quizes.

More question databases and learning systems are available, but can be significantly more expensive or of doubtful quality. 

Relevance of Sample Questions

Some of the test prep question sets contain material fom other professional examinations, for example CISA, CPA, and CMA. Some questions refer to specific national practices and legislation. Some question sets appear to simple.

When preparing for the exam candidates should keep in mind that the IIA only selects globally applicable exam content suitable to the proficiency levels stated in the IIA CIA exam syllabus. You are neither tested national regulation nor in-depth knowledge in non-audit areas.

How to Order Sample Questions 

Books and CDs can be ordered via the usual online bookstores or via IIA Germany's Partner bookstore Schweitzer Munich (search "cia exam").

Non-English Exam Prep Questions 

Local language CIA exam prep questions are often distributed through the CIA exam prep courses provided by national IIA affiliates or included in national translations of CIA exam prep books.


A large variety of web-based accounting-, auditing-, and IT-related glossaries from international organisations and associations support learning for the CIA exam.

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